Monday Momisms

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Moms are full of wisdom; I’m a mom so I must have tons of wise and insightful things to share.  One day I hope to be able to share all my sage knowledge with my kids.  If I were more organized, I’d keep a beautifully bound journal and jot down in elegant fancy script all my deep teachings about life.  Then I would hand down to them from my death bed.  However, I plan to live forever and I’m not that organized.  Enter: Monday Momisms.

On Monday Momisms I share my bits of life advice for my kids.  I’d love to have you join me!  I’ll post every Monday in the morning and then you can link to your own Monday Momism post or leave a momism in the comments below.

Today’s Momisms-

  • Learn to love to do things by yourself – a movie, a meal, shopping.
  • Travel.  Travel.  Travel.
  • When and if you decide to have children, practice patience every day.  It’ll be your best tool in parenting.
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  1. Hi, Carla.

    Love your idea for “Monday Momisms.” A couple that I thought of to add for today (even though it’s Wednesday now:-)…

    **Learn how to support yourself, financially and otherwise

    **Be grateful, everyday, for the little things

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