Welcome Monday Momisms!

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A co-worker of mine  told me she has a notebook she keeps for her son.  In it she writes down tips and advice on just about everything – dating, laundry, love, finding a career, fixing a flat – everything.  She keeps it just in case something should ever happen to her and she’s not around to share her wisdom with him when he gets older.  Kind of like that great Michel Keaton tear jerker My Life (whatever happened to him anyway? I love him!).  I love the idea of the notebook.  I’ve had it mentally bookmarked for over a year now.  Notice how I say bookmarked and not that I’m actually filling out my own.

In an effort to start my own “momism” journal for my children, I’m going to start Monday Momisms where I’ll share my bits of life advice for my kids.  I’d love to have you join me!  I’ll post every Monday in the morning and then you can link to your own Monday Momism post or leave a momism in the comments below.  Let’s get started!

  • Learn to type without looking; it makes everything so much easier!
  • Say hi to everyone from the CEO to the person who cleans the toilets.
  • Girls, please, always wipe front to back =)

What are your momisms?

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  1. Hey! I am on twitter too!! noudles04 if you would like to follow me. I am a big lister. Helps me clear my thoughts. Glad you’re with me on so many of my dislikes 🙂

  2. Love, love this idea – although I would never be able to tell them how to fix a flat! Trust your instincts is my first one!

  3. What a cute idea! Hmmm…..let me think….

    Always let the people off of the elevator before you attempt to get on
    Whenever possible move left and let cars get on the highway, please
    Even if you don’t shower or brush your teeth, at least swish Listerine around for 1 minute before you come downstairs.

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