3 Reasons I’m Glad I’m On Twitter Tonight

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This blog oh mine has been ever so neglected since I started twittering.  I can’t pull myself away sometimes.  But I’m giving myself a deadline of getting this blog back into tip top shape by lover’s day which is in less than a week.  Tonight was probably one of the hardest nights to tear myself away, not because of great conversation, but because tweeps were posting awesome links!

And here are the3 reasons I’m so glad I’m on Twitter tonight –

Thanks to @phdinparenting for  sharing an awesome video from the classic Mr. Rogers.  Made me all warm and fuzzy.  The dude rocks hard!

Thanks to @MamasWorldwide for getting me pumped about nursing the baby in my belly.  Just have to wait about a month until the boobs get back to normal size after delivery!

Thanks to @Blacktating for posting this great video of one of my favorite Latinas.  Breastfeeding is kick ass =)

Ok, now back to getting this blog back into shape.  We return to your regularly scheduled programing…

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