I Want a Baby to Come Out of My Vagina: The Birth Plan Part 1

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I freaked out a bit the other day because I received my lovely Baby Center email which kindly reminded me that I am officially 29 weeks pregnant (30 tomorrow).  Translation – I could go at any time.  I know I’m just overreacting a bit but time has flown and it all seems to have crept up on me.

I am still doing the Hypnobabies self-study which I am really enjoying; it’s been really calming and put me in a great state of mind – relaxed and very positive.   I’ll update soon on the classes we’ve taken so far.  Right now, though, I’m focusing on completing my birth plan.  I pulled out the binder I created for my first labor and reviewed the birth plan which states pretty much the same preferences I have for this labor.  In reviewing it, I realize my birth plan was very clear cut and expressed my wishes  clearly.  The two big differences, though, will not be in my birth plan but in how I and my husband advocate for my labor preferences and how long we stay home.

I had a visit with my midwife today and we had a great discussion about my birth plan.  I was reassured by our chat that I made the right decision in choosing her to attend my birth.  I feel supported and understood.  She encourages my desire to stay home as long as possible and reassured me she would advocate for me and my wish to have a natural, unmedicated birth.  With a solid discussion about birth plan done, I’m going to focus tonight and tomorrow on writing it up.

Aside from my birth plan, I’m also creating a list of things I want around me and things I want to do during labor to encourage a natural birth.  Having not ever actually had a vaginal birth, I can guess some of the things that might be helpful but guessing won’t do me much good.  Instead, I reached out to moms on Twitter who have had successful natural, unmedicated births.  I asked them to share their best tips for having a vaginal birth sans meds.  These ladies offered up a wealth of information and I’m super grateful that they were willing to share their wisdom with me.  So in case you were looking for some natural birth tips here are some from the ladies who have been there, done that:

  • @BellaNicki Best chance for a natural unmedicated birth in my mind is *stay home!* That’s what worked for me.
  • @KatjaPresnal And things that helped: rocking chair and bath tub. After our 1st baby I said I wouldn’t have another baby without a rocking chair (they had one at the hospital).
  • @bellanikelly for me, i just don’t think about medications as an option
  • @Blacktating Slow, deep cleansing breaths, “ride the wave” of each contraction, affirmations “no contraction is stronger than me!” If you believe you can do it, you can. It’s all about attitude. Stay home as long as possible, too.
  • @annemartens Not yet but planning one for early June. Reading Ina May. Ignoring naysayers. http://bit.ly/xc0eJ and http://bit.ly/ZWoDP
  • @phdinparenting I had a natural, unmedicated birth & posted tips/thoughts [on my blog]
  • @HomeschoolCoach I had two natural births! 1st had doula & 2nd had midwife. Learn about positions, counter pressure, squeezing hips together. Also loved the spa tub & the shower.
  • @staceyreck was kind enough to email me her thoughts-
  • -Take the time EVERYDAY to visualize your desired outcome: An easy, painless delivery -see how easy it is and feel how happy you are after. There are lots of places on the web to learn visualization. It need not be elaborate or difficult. Close your eyes and take a few relaxing breaths – see yourself going into labor and FEEL how relaxed you are and remain- then see the actual delivery, the baby is easily delivered through the birth canal with minimal effort- the last step is always seeing the reward- see how happy you are after the birth holding your bundle of joy.
    – Learn to use breath to relax -again look for reliable web sites that can teach this technique-practice 2 times a day. Much of the pain women feel during labor is due to fear and tension. Learning to relax is the key to an easy delivery.
    -Bring an ipod with good relaxing music-make sure it is music you like, that YOU consider relaxing. It’s a good idea to use the music before hand during the above exercises.

Thank you again ladies for sharing these wonderful tips.  I am feeling much more empowered and well armed for this birth than the first.  I’m taking each of your recommendations to heart and will most likely integrate almost all of them into my time at home.  Stay tuned, I’m finishing up my birth plan and my personal list of preferences; I’ll post them later this week.

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  1. Carla: Unfortunately, I’m one of those women who was really disappointed when my daughter’s birth ended up not being what I had envisioned. Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic to finally meet her – especially because it was a total surprise that she was a girl – and that we were both healthy. However, I had prepared myself for a natural birth and when that didn’t happened, it was pretty hard for me to deal with it. I got over it, eventually, but it was difficult.

    Her birth story is kind of long, so I’ll just say that I used the HypnoBabies techinique – which ABSOLUTELY works and I highly recommend – I dropped my ob-gyn for a midwife early on the pregnancy and I loved her. When the time came I stayed home until I was almost 7 cm dilated an pushed for 3 hrs with no meds whatsoever, but she wouldn’t come out. Before things got out of hand, and because they would only let me push for 30 more minutes, my husband and I opted to go the c-section way.

    I was so happy to find your blog – through the comments you’ve left on our blog, thanks for those – because I am pregnant again and although it’s kind of early, I’m trying to decide what to do this time around. My initial reaction was to try for a VBAC, but I feel I need to do more research. I look forward to reading more about your journey and hopefully be able to make a decision we feel comfortable with as the time gets closer.

    Thanks for sharing!

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