Sunday Surfing

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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across some awesome links – trips down memory lane, fun crafty goods I’m itching for and just good reads.  I’m always looking for good links on Sunday, so just in case you’re like me and looking for some fun web surfing on a lazy Sunday here are a few good links.

-I love when I forget about a childhood favorite and then a blog so kindly reminds me of it.  I’m on the hunt now for one of these.

-I’m totally flipping out over this adorable doll.  If only I could sew.

-I’m not about big extravagent gifts for Mother’s Day (any holiday really) but I adore thoughtful gifts with lots of meaning.  This would be perfect but I refuse to jinx anything by putting baby #2’s name on anything before she actually arrives.

-I’m not sure how or when but I have a mild obsession with tape, yes tape.

-A wonderful look at marriage – honest and heartfelt.

Happy Lazy Sunday =)

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