Hypnobabies and Community: My Lifesavers

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I’ve been chronicling my journey to my VBAC and I can’t complete my story without a few words about the Hypnobabies program.  If you’ve been reading my VBAC series, then you know my husband and I did the Hypnobabies home study course.  I’m going to be completely honest and say that we never finished the course.  The course was divided into 6 chapters and we really focused on the methods in the first 3 chapters with a quick skim of chapter 4.  Something happened so that we just lost focus.  I did, however, keep on listening to the guided meditation CDs.  I listened to disc 5 almost everyday on my way to work or in any free second I had in the car by myself (not to worry it was the disc approved for listening while driving).

Despite the fact that I didn’t use the hypnosis techniques, I do believe the Hypnobabies course gave me a wonderful perspective with which to approach my labor.  That coupled with the meditation track I swore by were the grounding points for me throughout my labor.  Like I mentioned in Farrah’s birth story , the Hypnobabies CD track I listened to in the car ride to the midwife’s office and then to the hospital put me in an amazing state of mind to get through my labor.  I was in an insane amount of pain but I had control over my mind which allowed me to stay centered and focused on the prize at the end of my journey.  It also made it easier for me to remain calm through moments where I could feel myself coming close to the edge emotionally – checking in to visit my midwife, checking in at the hospital, during the car rides.  The power of your mind and the power of chanting really made my  VBAC successful.  I spent a lot of time chanting key phrases from the Hypnobabies CD and it astounds me still how powerful those words were in getting me through the worst of my contractions.

I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without the Hypnobabies.  Perhaps other folks have even greater results using the hypnosis techniques but just the concept was enough to get me through my labor.  I highly recommend the method to anyone serious about having a vaginal birth.

I can’t say that Hypnobabies was the sole factor in my success.  Another key element was that I surrounded myself with people who truly believed in the wonder of an unmedicated vaginal birth, as well as the possibility of a successful VBAC.  With Dessa, I didn’t really seek out a support system aside from my husband.  This time around I had folks both in real life and online who really believed in what I wanted to accomplish.  I have to pay a special thanks to Kelly who came to our home for our natural childbirth class and was encouraging throughout my entire pregnancy.  She even was supportive throughout my labor sending me encouraging texts throughout the day.  I also found some amazing folks on Twitter who encouraged me with their own stories or with tips for a successful VBAC.

So if you’re hoping for a natural, unmedicated vaginal delivery I can, from firsthand experience, tell you that Hypnobabies does work and that surrounding yourself with a great support system can really set you up for success.  A big thank you to Hypnobabies and to all the wonderful people who kept me positive right up until the end.  Thanks =)

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  1. Hi Carla, My name is Amy and I am a mama of 2 little ones (5 and 2) and a doula and Birthing From Within mentor in Chicago. I found your blog via @savvydoula on Twitter today. Congratulations on your VBAC of your daughter! I am looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

  2. Ah, thank you for putting this so well! I did the Hypnobabies home study course as well and actually did the whole thing. (I always was a teacher’s pet…)

    And, yet, during the birth, it wasn’t the hypnosis techniques I relied on. It was just the calm assurance that all would be well and that I was strong enough to handle whatever the labor sent my way. (42 hours of back labor, home birth-turned-hospital transfer, and an almost 12-pound baby in the end — aw, yeah!) There’s no way I would have remained so calm without the Hypnobabies background. The midwives and nurses all commented on how bizarrely peaceful my husband I both were throughout it all.

    Despite that, I felt kind of like a Hypnobabies failure, because I hadn’t utilized all the hypnosis techniques. But your post has made me decide to let go of that, to appreciate what it did give me, and to feel assured that I took from the course what I truly needed.

    I will heartily second your recommendation of Hypnobabies AND support for other birthing mamas! Having my husband on board the Hypnobabies wagon was so important for keeping me centered through it all. If he had panicked, I would have lost it! And my midwives were so respectful.

    Oh, it’s so funny — I actually was going through a rough moment physically last night and used my hypnosis techniques to relax! I fell asleep just after. So they can still come in handy later on.

    I’ll stop babbling now. I found you through your guest post on Mommy News Blog, by the way. Loved it!

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