Thinking Too Much During Another Cinderella Story

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Yes, I’m watching Another Cinderella Story.  Yes, it’s a Disney flick.  And yes, I’m feeling damn old.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a special place in my heart for teen flicks.  It’s how I identified and related to the world.  It was easy for me to see myself in the characters and it was always the teeny bopper flicks that told the stories I wanted to have happen to me.  Somedays I was Baby from Dirty Dancing.  Other days Louise Miller from Teen Witch.  Or even Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles.  And really I watch them still because I forget I’m a grown up.

But yeah back to Cinderella.  I should be writing a post about where the heck I’ve been since my blog has been silent for a bit but with both girls sound asleep and a moment of free time, I figured I’d do the unthinkable – indulge in my thoughts (however silly).  So enjoy my thoughts on Cinderella.

  • I’m girl crushing on Selena Gomez on behalf of my daughters.  She’s Latina, a dancer, button nosed and I have yet to see her panties flashed across the front pages of any tabloids.  She might be a closet coke head or something but all evidence points to wholesome goodness so I’m on Team Gomez.
  • Jane Lynch is hilarious in everyrthing she does.  You might even catch her scenes and think maybe, just maybe, you’re not watching a Disney flick.
  • I’m getting old and need to stop over-analyzing things.  For instance, the Asian cleaning crew that comes in to rescue Miss Gomez – anyone else notice how totally stereotyped they were with their heavy accents?  Or the slang used by the two main BFFs in the cast?  I know it’s a bit much but when I saw it I was struck by how blatantly stereotypical it all was.
  • Being a married woman with two daughters (when did that all happen? wasn’t I just stumbling around at a baseball party with my red party cup in my hand?) I see teen movies a little differently.  I wonder why the girls always have to be plotting against each other.  I wonder why the girls who kick ass never realize they’re awesome.  I wonder why the guys never have issues to overcome.
  • I’m mad that this is yet another teen movie that leads young girls to believe that all men love to dance.  Patrick Swayze made a believer out of me.  Then I married my husband who has to be piss drunk to get his hips to move without his shoulders moving up and down (I love your dancing, papa!).

So yeah, I watched it, I thought too much and I liked it.  And now the girls are up.

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