Finding My Way

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Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this here blog tirelessly since Farrah was born.  You may not necessarily have the posts to prove it but I’ve got the bags under my eyes to show for it.  I’ve been posting regularly at my other blogging gigs but have held back here.  I needed to regroup and remember again why I started blogging and what this space is for.  How else to get inspired and clear vision?  Read some blogs.

I came across this which had me going, “OMG! Me, too! Me, too!”  It’s all about how blogs are like the magazine obsessions young teenage girls have (I was so one of them).  How you pile up your favorites in a corner so you can go back to that one great picture or one great quote.  How your tastes change and you move from Cosmo and Seventeen to Real Simple and Cookie.  I dreamed of being a magazine editor one day but I really didn’t know what an editor was.  I just wanted to be part of creating something amazing and inspiring.

No, I do not fool myself into thinking this little ole blog is so grand as to amaze and inspire anyone.  But I do feel it is my place to share myself with you and as a forget me not to myself.  It’s a place to maybe inspire myself.  I spent a lot of time writing about my VBAC but now that my vagina is on hiatus from posting, I’m ready to get back to Mama Hearts Baby, to get back to me.

In regrouping, I’ve come up with some fun stuff for the blog I hope you’ll like.  Mondays will regularly feature a mami (Latina mom) active online.  Since I started this blog I have been searching for Latinas to connect with and while there are directories out there and links galore, no one has started the conversation.  Thursdays will welcome a new little diddy – Parenting Toolblox where I’ll share what tools or practices have worked for me, what current parenting issue I need input on and, hopefully, you will share your amazing parent wisdom with me.  Somehow overnight Dessa has entered the “terrible twos” so I’m eager to get as much feedback as possible!  A few more things are in store but you’ll see them as they come.

And here is your bonus.  I saw this last night for the first time and was laughing out loud. This guy is great and he’s totally sold me on the Slap Chop. Best part? You’ll love his nuts!

It’s Saturday night so I’m continuing my posting mini-break over the weekend while I put some finishing touches on the site and write several posts for my other blogs.  Until then, lovelies =)

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