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Via myyorgda

A random night of tucking babes in, kitchen cleaning and massive stomach upset.  The cure for the latter?  Stillness on the couch with some good reads.  I stumbled across this ode and my heart quivers.  It is sadness and joy and inspiration.  It is sisterhood.

It reminds me of how I want my girls, this sisterhood I’ve birthed, to be filled with magic.  I hope their love today is a glimmer of what’s to come.  They are besties.  They make each other laugh, good laughs, deep in the belly chuckle type laughs.  They care and worry and comfort.  They kiss and hug and tackle, big love coming from their tiny little bodies.  I want magic for them; I want the magic of their sisterhood now to last forever.

As if I hadn’t shed enough tears for that piece of poetry, I was led here and here and more tears ensued.  On this random night, I’m reminded to cherish, live and be kind.

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