2011: The Year of Consciously Creating My Legacy

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Image from Nina Matthew's Photography via flikr. The road ahead feels right.

Hi, 2011, so glad you’re here. Three weeks in, you say? Well, nothing like an enthusiastic late welcome, no?

I’m turning 3o this year; so somehow it, the turning , the being, the living (2011/30), seems so much more important and meaningful. I’m a week from ushering in the 3rd decade of my life. I’ve spent the last year of 20 Nancy Drew-ing my soul. Call it a strength or an Achilles heel, but once I start looking inward it takes a lot to get me out of there. I get lost in little corners with hidden secrets I left there for myself long ago.

Enough with the sleuthing. 2011/30 is the year of being and living and -ing.

I’ve been throwing around the whole resolution/life list thing for a while now. I’m working on the life list but hadn’t quite figured out how I wanted to frame 2011. Life, as always, responded by leading me to a post over at Simple Mom about figuring out what it is you want to leave behind, what legacy will remain once you’re long gone and six feet under (or ashes in the wind or on a slab in front of medical students, whatever your cup of tea).

“the truth is that if we are wondering what our lasting legacy will be, we must begin at the end of our lives.

  • When I am gone from this planet and my children are reflecting and remembering me, what do I hope will be their most powerful memories of the time we had together?
  • What do I want written about me in my obituary?
  • What are the stories, memories, and influences I hope to leave behind for my children’s children, and others for whom I hope to have influenced?”

This struck a cord with me; a light bulb lit up and *b*u*r*s*t* when I read this. What the heck am I doing? Whether I’ve cared to live intentionally or not, I’ve been creating a legacy. So, why waste any more time letting my legacy be a thoughtless culmination of my days? 2011/30 is the year my legacy is renewed.

It’s so funny how a simple little post can ignite so much. I got to thinking about how I’m not really a resolutions type person. Lie. I am. I’ve made generic-y get fit, eat better, be a better friend type resolutions every year without ever putting my heart into it. No resolution has ever made it past mid-January. What I’ve been missing is that resolutions are just a way to keep my personal manifesto/life list on track.

When I stepped into the role of professional mom (which began the moment I gave birth not when I left corporate America), I wondered why a household wasn’t run more like a successful business. Inspired by Simple Mom, I’ve decided to get to work on consciously creating my legacy and an overall waking life.

Because lists make me happy and it gives me something to cross off and I’d like to put a little pressure on myself to get my shit together before I turn 30, here’s my 3 before 30 list (I know, how underwhelming compared to a 30 under 30 list but at least the 3s go together):

The next few days will be fun ones as I etch out my goals. Step 1 (we’ll have lots of fun…oh, New Kids) figure out what legacy I want to leave behind. Me oh my, I heart planning.

Original image from House of Sims via flikr.

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