Manifesting A {Personal} Manifesto

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Gee Whillikers it feels good to unload so much stuff that’s been rumbling in my head. Doing all this creating a waking life business is kinda like when my husband and I went on the South Beach Diet before our wedding – the weight just wouldn’t stop falling off and it was seriously addicting.

Writing these things out – my legacy, personal manifesto and life list – has been like watching fireworks, each bit of life declaration more illuminating and explosive than the last.

Or just a mind dump, diarrhea of the mouth (which I’ve suffered from since 1981) for your thoughts. Um, why didn’t I do this sooner?

I’ve always believed in the power of writing things but it’s not necessarily the writing but the making real, making more than just a thought of something, which is empowering. If I just think it, the universe won’t know what I’m trying to do. Heck, I won’t know what I’m trying to do if I keep it locked up in my overcrowded, forgetful brain. So yes, write it, blog it, journal it – whatever it takes to getherdone.

I look at my personal manifesto like a having a little Tim Gunn (can you tell I like the guy? no more TG references unless absolutely necessary, pinky promise) standing on my shoulder. Big tough life choices come into play and he’ll lean over, a scroll of my manifesto in hand (for a more 2011 vibe, think iPad) and whisper, “This concerns me.” or “Talk to me.” He’ll ask some insightful questions, gently or not so gently nudge me to take action, to think about what I’m doing, help me refocus. He’ll make sure I’m true.

So we can call my personal manifesto Tim Gunn =) Me likes.

*Photo via Fashion Magazine.

I won’t lie, I put this off for awhile because it seemed like a giant undertaking, worthy of seriously deep soul searching. When I finally sat down, though, it all came together a lot faster than I’d imagined.

It’s not hard to pick out the things that make you feel alive and those that don’t. My manifesto, simply, is to always pursue those things which make me feel vibrant and alive, full of bright faith.

  • Respect and honor this body. It’s the only one I’ve got.
  • Be a student for life. There’s always more to learn.
  • Smile through it. I’m still breathing, right?
  • Write through it all. It’s how I highlight the pages of my story.
  • Pursue simplicity. Less is more.
  • Experience beauty everyday. It feeds the soul & inspires.
  • Share this ride with people who light my fire.
  • Surrender. I believe it’s my big life lesson.

I smile every time I read those words. They’re  my compass to living a life straight from my heart.

This is my first go at a personal manifesto so I did lots of reading and soaking up before diving into mine. Go ahead – dive, soak:

Now go on…manifest!

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