Blogging With Intention

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been declaring what I want this life to be about – as a mother and as a woman. It has been soul expanding, root deepening and freeing. This week I’m spreading the intention-y fairy dust into the areas of my life I want to focus my energies on. So today…

Before this space became All of Me…Now, it was Mama Hearts Baby. Whatever the name, it has always been about one thing – giving me a space to write my heart out. I began blogging because I had stuff in my head that needed unloading. I had words backed up which needed to be set loose into the world. I didn’t care if it all fell on deaf ears (blind eyes? whatev) because the more thoughts and words I got out of my head/heart and onto the screen, the lighter I felt/feel.

There were instances where I didn’t have much to say and it became more about documenting the minutia of everyday life (yay for minutia…I don’t use the word often…um, ever but it just spilled out of  me and I’m kind of loving it) and that’s alright because that’s the secondary purpose of this space – to document this life.

Other times, though, I just wrote to write because having this space demanded something of me. I felt guilty for not writing. I didn’t have the energy to muster up either substance or delightful nonsense (delightfulness makes everything acceptable). I also didn’t have the balls to say – hey, life’s happening tough s.h.i.t., blog, wait it out. Or to tell random marketers, that this space really isn’t the place for any kind of product plugging or giveaways and that whole mish mosh.

I put too much on my plate to really give myself 110% to the things in my heart. Opportunities manifested themselves which were amazing and incredible and so right at the wrong time, I couldn’t resist. Then, baby number two arrived and I didn’t grow any balls, I just disappeared because it was impossible to be the parent and wife I needed to be while trying to nurture the writer/documenter/creative in me. I gave less than 100% of myself to those so right at the wrong time opportunities and burned myself out. I left this space empty because I couldn’t make sense of what was tornado-ing in my head and heart.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m kindasorta back at it. I’m flexing my writing muscles and the muscle memory is there. It feels incredible. Again, I’m unloading the words in me and I feel lighter and ignited afterward. It’s the kind of high I want to keep having.

I’ve laid out my roadmap to living a waking life and I realize I need structure, a plan, a framework to focus and encourage me in specific ways in different areas of my life. Blogging is one of them because it nurses my craft.

It’s time to blog with intention.

This blog:

  • is about nurturing the writer in me, giving her a space to breathe through words
  • is about remembering this life, capturing the memories, telling the stories
  • is about making love to the creativity in me, exploring and learning and expanding, falling in love with her
  • is about inspiring others to come along for the ride, to do the same for themselves
  • is about talking to myself, sorting things out, clarifying
  • is about making things happen, not at the perfect moment but NOW

Really, someone should bottle up this intention writing crack and sell it. They’d make gajillions based on how cotton candy it feels to unload and clarify and declare.

If you’re newish around these parts, I’d love to know –  Why do you blog?

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  1. Thank you for sharing such an honest blog post. I am pretty new to the blogoshphere (30 days to be exact) but my reasons for starting are similar to yours. I wanted to create an outlet to write more often, a place to share my interest in fashion, home decor, and DIY, all while spending time with my two lovely kids.
    Glad to know that there are other bloggers out there travelling the same road as me!

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