Monday Morsels 1

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Welcome to your Monday Morsels…on Thursday Friday. This would have been a sweet post to jump start your week, however, a certain toddler thought it might be nice to attempt putting her tiny, yet heavy, little foot through my computer screen. Needless to say, I haven’t had much, ahem, screen time. Waiting until next Monday to share all these nuggets of lightbulb moments seemed a bit silly since I can’t stop collecting links. I’ll overwhelm you in small doses after this, promise, ok?

Now for some sweet morsels….

on life with children

on writing

  • You’re a writer in all you do. Wise shit.
  • From the same wise blogger, “…My craft is with words. I write because I can’t help it. It’s like talking but it doesn’t bother anybody….” It’s almost like she read my thoughts.
  • It’s all in how you say it. One word makes all the difference.

on living the life you want

on everything else

Tell me, what are you reading?

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