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Blogging With Intetion, Part Deux

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My post on blogging with intention has been floating around my mind lately. It is true to everything I want to do. But. But. It’s busting at the seams with my usual fluffy, fluff heartspeak. Full of emotions and flowy. All organic, Mia Michaels modern dance number type ish.

Full of love and heart and full breath but light on action and details and real direction (Ms. Michaels, you have direction every time I’m just talking the smoothness of so many of your numbers). I have intentions/directions.

What I need to know [to make things happen] is where I’m landing this mighty jet plane not how to get there.

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Original blogging with intention post = directions.

This blogging with intentions post = destination.

So as much as my heart belongs to Mia Michaels, I need some Napoleon and Tabitha to get all sharp and specific and into the nitty gritty. Love them.

Let’s nit and grit, shall we?

First, on “All of Me…now.” the title of this here space. I wish I had some really involved process of unearthing it but really she just whispered in my ear one day and a smile spread slowly across my face and in my eyes. It captures everything I want.

I want to nurture every bit of me right now, this very instant. Not when the time is just right or when I finish x, y or z. Right now because right now is IT. No dress rehearsal.

This here is the damn thing.

The mom I want to be. The creative artist I want to be. The writer I want to be. The wife I want to be. The friend and daughter I want to be. The mark I want to leave on the world. This is where the me I’m creating, the story my life tells startshappens… NOW. No more wanting to be it. Now it’s time to be it.

So, yes. All of me, NOW. A blogumentary of doing it and being it all. Because, why not? If I can’t live each and every moment overflowing at the brim being everything I am, then it’s totally not worth it.

Now to move away from the fluff and into the nitty gritty. I’m really, really good at being emotional-y and woowoo, lovey. It comes naturally. Specific goal lister – foreign concept. So, I’m stepping into foreign territory knowing it’s what I need. I’m blogging but for what? Working towards what? Towards this, for this:

  • 11 guest posts in 2011. To expand my audience, collaborate with blogs I respect and to write on a space not my own.
  • Launch my “petit” idea, the one nudging me for the past 4 years. To celebrate this place I call home, to see if it can be done.
  • Explore & flesh out my “Who You Might Be” journal/books. To get creative, to collaborate with artists, to produce.
  • Write a book to sell on Kindle. To do it.
  • Make The Sibling Project happen. To learn, to tell stories, to grow.

Just listing that ish feels like an accomplishment. The list will certainly grow and somethings may even get knocked off but I’m learning I need to know where I’m headed to get there.

    I know. It’s a bit all over the place but there’s a blueprint somewhere and it all fits perfectly together. See, it’s how I’ve always been – a bit scatter brained. I want to do many, many things in this lifetime. There’s no cookie cutter mold for it so I can’t label it for you. I can’t tell you the directions for my blog point to a book deal with a major publisher or to a dozen and contracts with small, indie boutiques or publication in a national magazine or a speaking engagement here or there. I just know I’ve got ideas that won’t leave me. Ideas begging me to set them out into the world. They’ll soar or they’ll plummet but I’m willing to find out.

    Since drafting this post and I’ve knocked down the 11 guest posts down to 10. Hoorah for taking some mothereffing action! Checkit, checkit out.

    I’m also taking part in Tara Gentile‘s course, The Art of Action. It’s about seeing the destination and hitting the road to get there. The women in the program are a beautifully diverse group of creative souls who want nothing more than to kick it into high gear. It only just started but already gaining tremendous wisdom. It is, without a doubt, the much needed kick the pants I’ve needed.



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    1. Carla, I love this. All of it — your spirit, your words, your ideas. And I love Nap and Tab! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got cooking. Because I’m like you in that sometimes I wish I could do everything, and that all the things I love don’t always seem connected but somehow, some way, they are.

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