Getting Out of My Own Way

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In high school, I was a self-help junkie. The concepts and practices and perspectives were all so unlike anything before, the genre provided me with fresh eyes to examine my life. In college, I took it a step further and majored in philosophy. Those were magical times of awesomeness and being. Something happened, though, after graduation and the self-work kinda fizzled out.

For a few years there, from the end of my college days to having my first child, I became a bit misplaced, ill-aligned with myself. [ill-aligned with myself? did I just say that? holy accurateness, how did I not see that before…hail the power of writing it out]. My inner dialogue quieted down. My not so brief stint in Corporate America and life as a newlywed, left me with little time to focus on any kind of inner work. All of that changed when I became a mom and I felt a fast and furious survival-type need to connect again with me.

In motherhood, I became aware how valuable the power of questioning and introspection can be to living a life with intention. I’ve realized much of the drive I had in my  youth was do in part to how well aware I was of myself and the thought full care I gave to my inner self. Yet despite being aware of how valuable the self work is, I have been stuck in a state of stuck.

Enter: lady luck and Tara Gentile’s Art of Action course. A month ago I received the serendipitous news I had been chosen to take part in this clarifying course. Tara Gentile’s Art of Action is my way of getting back to shining the spotlight inward to create the momentum I need to make things happen, to unstuck myself.

The Art of Action is kind of like taking lessons in photography with one of those big, fancy, hunky cameras. Tara and her course are the wise instructors teaching moi how to use all the equipment my “camera” is already equipped with to really focus and create the images I’m capable of.

Tara’s Art of Action is full of elegant, action pakced lessons in the art of fueling and doing. What Tara does so eloquently is ask deep digging questions – simply. She is generous with her knowledge about what drives passionate creatives and how to tap into the juicy energy at the heart of it all. So, yes a sweet kick in the pants. Much needed.

You may have noticed I started participating in Seth Godin’s #trust30 writing challenge. Thanks to Tara’s course and her lightbulb moment inducing interview with Dyana Valentine I stopped taking part in the challenge. I asked myself how exactly the #trust30 challenge would move me closer to achieving my current goals. The answer – not at all. It was just another distraction I took on to keep me from moving forward.

This is the kind of tunnel vision focus I’ve got thanks to the Art of Action. Each lesson and interview arms me to approach my work, my ideas, my projects with clarity. I’m taking action with purpose. I’m doing the work and checking myself before I wreck myself. I’m getting the heck out of my own way and working with myself instead of against.

My point? Sometimes you can’t do it alone. You need someone else to help you take the leap. Very, very, very grateful for the Art of Action and Tara’s work. Here’s to doing the inner work and moving full steam ahead!

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