It Takes Two, Baby

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Today I had a thought; it struck me as both simple and deeply profound.

In the last few years when I’ve felt most stuck in my life, I’ve been taking in more of the world than I’ve given of myself.

A voice in my head whispered that to me. I spent most of today repeating the thought to myself, in an effort to remember and to work it out for myself.

This journey of life is a unique gift of an experience in the give and take of energy. To get myself right, to feel my most buoyant and bright, I’ve got to give of myself to the world as much as I take in of it. I’ve got to give and take, give and take, share and appreciate, share and appreciate to keep working towards a cosmic balance. Give my energy, my talent, my skills, my hope, my faith, my gifts, my all, my soul. Every day the world comes at me full speed ahead regardless of my preparedness. Each day that goes by where I don’t reciprocate, where I don’t share myself with the world is another day this relationship with the bigger picture is a one way street.

This existence is a relationship between me and the universe. I’ve got to honor it, work hard at it, celebrate it.

This song kept playing over and over in my head today (it was crowded in there today, lol). So a little lovin’ for your Sunday night.


It Takes Two
by Marvin Gaye

One can have a dream, baby
Two can make that dream so real
One can talk about bein’ in love
Two can say how it really feels
One can wish upon a star
Two can make that wish come true, yeah
One can stand alone in the dark
Two can make the light shine through

It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
Me and you, just takes two
It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true, just takes two

One can have a broken heart, livin’ in misery
Two can really ease the pain like a perfect remedy
One can be alone in a car, on a night like these all alone
Two can make just any place seem just like bein’ at home

Just takes two, just takes two

One can go out to a movie, lookin’ for a special treat
Two can make that single movie somethin’ really kinda sweet
One can take a walk in the moonlight, thinkin’ that it’s really nice
But two walkin’ hand-in-hand is like addin’ just a pinch of spice

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  1. Such a simple, yet profound, thought that is the real essence of it all. It actually took me many years to realize that giving with intent to give (and not necessarily to receive, but knowing you will because you are manifesting it) is really what we are meant to focus on every single day.
    What´s important to ponder, and where I finally got it, is that what we do best is what we need to give without judgement of if it is worthy or not. If you do something well, then it´s a talent that will benefit somebody else. At the same time, giving what you know builds confidence to continue to grow, face life´s challenges and keep giving.
    OK…I need to stop now. Getting excited with this topic! 🙂 BTW, Marvin Gaye has been making many unsolicited appearances in my life this last week. Hmmm..wonder what´s behind that…

  2. Hey Carla,

    You’re right, it takes two and sometimes three, or four, or…you get the picture. 😉

    Circular abundance, whether material or immaterial is only good if it’s able to be renewed. Think of how the entire earth creates water. It’s a constant cycle of water taking many forms to accomplish certain phases.

    Abundance works like that too. What form does it need to take to accomplish its role in the cycle?

    Great realizations.

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