Celebrating the Mother Tongue

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Fact: Spanish is my first language. Before being bossy and stubborn in English, I did so in the mother tongue.

Fact: I’m raising my daughters to be bilingual. They, too, are learning to be bossy and stubborn in Spanish before English.

I’ve always loved the mother tongue but it wasn’t until I had my daughters that I realized how magical it truly is. I took it for granted growing up. It was everywhere. It was more odd to find someone who didn’t speak it, than someone who did. Now, that it’s mostly nowhere instead of everywhere, I crave it.

June 18th is officially the day to celebrate the romantic, delicate, oh so full of life language of Spanish – El Dia E. The Spain-based Instituto Cervantes created this holiday to celebrate the language that unites so many people around the world. This collection of video interviews with Spanish speaking creatives is the inspiration behind the video you’re about to see. The videos show how gorgeously diverse Spanish can be. It’s music to my ears.

Encouraged by Tracy of Latina-ish, a group of Latina bloggers are making some of their own music.

Below you’ll find my little contribution to celebrating the mother tongue. And below that you will find links to discover the favorite words of some great Latina bloggers. Me? I cheated. I couldn’t pick just one. I’ve never been very good at the whole pick your favorite business. So enjoy my top 4.


Now you. What’s your favorite word in Spanish?


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  1. Hola! me gustaron tus palabras menos una.. bilirrubina, no porque no me haya gustado la canción, pero porque me recuerda cuando mi baby nació y estaba enfermito por la bilirrubina, pero tienes razon, es una palabra bien melodica y con mucho ritmo!

    1. I didn’t think it was a real word, just something made up for the song, until I had my daughter and they said she had jaundice and her bilirubin was high. That’s how I learned what it meant!

  2. Loved seeing you on video. You are GREAT! Your voice is so melodic 😉
    I had no idea what Fututu meant, but you made me sing with Bilirrubina! jajaja!

    Let´s do this again!!!

  3. Me encantó conocerte Carla! La palabra bilirrubina me fascina a mi también, nosé porque todo lo que tenga tanta rrr me encanta!

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