I’ll Always Hold you

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When you were just an unmade promise,
I held you in hopeful stories of my future.

When you were just a wish, a being being willed to be,
I held you in my heart.

When you came true, just a speck of existence, as you grew from just a being to a being in flesh,
my body gave you a home, shelter, sustenance.

When you burst forth, out of dreams and into reality,
I cradled all of you in my arms.

For so long before and so long in waiting and so long in your beginning, I have held all of you –
in arms, inside me.

You always fit because you were a wish, a dream, a plus sign of existence, an infant.

Now I can’t hold all of you in my arms,
legs dangle, arms wrap around, I’m knocked down by your love.

Each night you sleep and each morning you wake,
bigger, stronger, brighter, more.

I cup your cheek. Lace my fingers with yours. Nest your head on my lap.
Hopeful attempts at holding you whole again.

Those days of holding you whole in my arms are gone,
But I will always try to envelope all of you with each embrace.

When you began,
I was your home.

For ever,
I will be your home.

For ever,
I will hold all of your possibility, all of who you’ve been, who you are, who you might be, all of you.

For eternity,
I will hold you sacred in me, my heart, in prayer and  in dreams.

I will always hold you.

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  1. Bellísimo!
    I can totally relate to this, especially today that my girl kinda realized that not all girls need their moms. She heard an older girl tell her mom to go away, that she didn´t need her.
    I saw my girl think about it and then turn to me to ask why she said that. I explained that at that moment the girl could do it alone, without her mom, but that we always need our moms in some way.
    she looked at me and said that she did still need me because she was still little.
    Sigh….a piece of my heart tore at the thought that she really one day will not need me. Not sure I can let that embrace go….

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