Summer Lovin’

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Image via Flikr by Julia Colton.

This summer I have learned some really interesting things.

First, the creative juices are abundant; but the productive juices have run dry. I’m bubbling with possibility but the making is nonexistent. I’m trying to really analyze my flow of creative energy in a big picture kind of way and I can see clearly how much more I was creating in the colder months with a big culminating burst of BAM out into the universe in the Spring. Maybe all those years of traditional schooling have ruined me for productive summers? Possibly true but I’ve been working the lessons learned in the Art of Action and willing the motivation. Results? Mucho in the way of prettifying this blog. And learning that sometimes in the lack of producing, the mind is busy at work dreaming and formulating and marinating. Summer is just different when it comes to creating. I’m thinking I have two muses – my fall/winter/spring muse – focused and full speed ahead. And then summer, slow and steady, contemplative and listening, open and waiting.

Second, and a big curve ball for me, bedtimes are not set in stone (in the summer, in the summer I keep telling myself). Fun late into the afternoon has so often turned into fun late into the evening and it’s so not like us. In the cooler months, I’ve got my eye on the clock around 4:30pm so I can be sure to get dinner on the table and little girls ready for bed. Now, I’m lucky if they’re even in the tub by 8pm. I’ve surrendered to summer. I have a vague memory of the bitter cold awaiting us and I want to make good memories for our imaginations to call upon when we need to remember there’s an end to winter.

The beach, oh the beach. With heatwave after heatwave, we’ve cooled off lots in the ocean this year. We rediscovered a tiny little strip of ocean and sand and sea creatures, shallow and clear watered and calm and perfectly fit for our little mermaids. My husband will run off to find blue crabs and starfish while the girls capture hermit crabs and play in the sand. Each of us, my husband, the girls and I, we’re all so rejuvenated by it. It’s like our souls need the salt water and beach breeze. It’s been a friendly reminder of how wonderful a place we live where the ocean is just a short drive away.

Finally, poerty. Maybe it’s summer, maybe it’s just how big my girls seem right now. How far away we are from them being babies. But I’m feeling awful romantic and poetic. I hadn’t written poetry in a long time and then this and this. It came naturally but poured itself out so out of nowhere I almost ignored it. I have a lot of inner dialogue and a little bit of inner dialogue that becomes outer monologue at random moments while I’m cleaning. And I’m beginning to think I should listen more and put those words to paper and screen. Writing has felt good again. This summer I got back to it and it’s been a good pouring out and looking in.

All this to say, I’m pretty sure summer is my favorite season. The rest of this glorious season will include more beach time (as much as possible!), a short stint in Jersey, lots more writing and the unleashing into the world of my little baby, Petit Rhody. I haven’t talked much about Petit Rhody but soon, loves, soon. Later this week I’ve got a chubby post on what it’s all about, how it came to be and how I’ve been dreaming it up and putting it together. It’s been chugging along at summer speed and it feels good to have it thisclose to done. Stay tuned.

What have you been up to this summer?

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  1. aahhh what a beautiful photo – would love to be there right now.

    but i know what you mean. i’ve surrendered myself – knowing that in a few weeks, i’ll have to put myself (and my little family) back on track!

    I love the summer…but I’m looking forward to the fall.

  2. summer would be my favorite season if it weren’t so darn hot! it’s been rideeeeculous this summer here in Atlanta and D.C…. ugh. And, my bedtime is always an issue for me…. 2-4 bedtime is unacceptable and I need to somehow break that… another ugh. I’ve not done anything super fun this summer other than going to St. Croix for a food and wine festival–which was all that! 🙂

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