How To Be Successful

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Just watched this great video interview with Oprah. I grew up on Oprah and am sad to say I didn’t watch much the last few years. What I remember from the years I did tune in is she always made me feel something. She always inspired. I love her outlook and approach to life. It’s so positive and realistic. Living a great life, reaching your full potential, stepping into your greatness requires hard work and patience and faith.This video is light and fun but very much gets to the core of what Oprah believes and how she approaches life. It’s just under a half hour but it goes by quickly. Here’s a response to one attendees question about how to be successful:

“…your question to yourself, your higher self, the universal energies, whatever you call it, is always – how can you be used, in service. The key word is service…to yourself, first. How do you honor that? How do you take care of yourself, serve yourself so that your health, emotionally, spiritually, physically, is stable and you have enough to give to the rest of the world. You can’t give what you don’t have…How do I use what I’m learning everyday, and everyday the universe is teaching you something…how can I use my life as a service to myself, to my family, to my community. It’s how you succeed at everything…

Watch it. It’s so worth it. ps. how did I not know Facebook had a livestreaming video channel? They have a great variety of guests. I’m bookmarking it for my evening workouts. Did I tell you? It’s my new thing – workout at home while listening to podcasts or watching videos online. Working out mah body and mah brains. Without further ado….

Watch live streaming video from facebookguests at


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