Laying Low in January

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Have you read a 1,001 posts on new year’s resolutions? 1,001 more from people who hate them and aren’t making any? Well here’s number 1,002 so deal with it, my dears =)

the world swirls around you” by jessica swift soon to be on my walls

I’m not sure I’m in either camp, anti- or pro- resolutions, but I firmly believe in setting goals. In tune with honoring my pace, I won’t sit here today and lay out a year of expectations. I started 2011 with a slew of visions  and by year’s end, they had shifted or changed completely. So instead, I’m planning my year out in chunks, easily digest-able morsels.  I think taking on one month at a time makes it easier to celebrate accomplishments along the way and makes goals seem less daunting and more doable.

This list for January is going to seem masseevo but I’m looking at it as an incubation month. I’ll use it to set the tone for the year, clean slate indeed.

Things to Accomplish in January

  • Send out Valentine’s Day cards. Since no Christmas or New Year’s cards went out this is our way of sending out a little love to our peeps. And hopefully set the tone for a year of more staying in touch the old fashioned way.
  • Take a dance class. Because it’s been too long. May it lead to a year of mucho, mucho shimmy shake.
  • Read three books. Currently devouring Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet and I’m seeing Deepak Chopra and some MLK-inspired reading in the near future.
  • Declutter and organize social media outposts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst). Unfriend, list, rinse, repeat.
  • Organize digital photographs. The plan? Yearly folders with monthly folder inside, each year having a “best of” folder for favorites. Lots of wine will be required as there are a good 4 years of photographs to be sorted through. A few bottles of my current favorite. Si, por favor.
  • Paint the playroom and main living area. Colors: aspiration and mountaintop. Love the sound of those.
  • Work out every day.
  • Closet overhaul. Fashion has been calling me lately. 4 years, two kids later, I realize I never should have abandoned her. These badass puppies are my latest purchase and setting the bar for the year.
  • Connect with friends old and new. I’ve got dinner plans this week with a new friend and birthday plans for an old friend next weekend. Then my own little birthday to celebrate. A bit excited.
  • Write. Like mad.

In more ways than one, 2012 feels like it’s claiming itself the year of emerging from. I’ve been deeply entrenched in motherhood, babyhood the last 4 years and now…no one’s grown up and I’m certainly still a mom, but I’m ready to mother myself a bit. Like the tag line says up top, this year is all about  “educating, celebrating, nurturing and sharing all of me.” And this month is all about setting myself up to kick ass.




How will January serve you? Leave me a comment and tell me what will you do this month to set the tone for the wide open spaces ahead in 2012.

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  1. Yes! I make resolutions every year and have been able to keep them the last three years. Two things they had in common is that I made only ONE resolution per year and they were all health-related.

    Three years ago when my daughter a year old, I made up my mind to lose the pregnancy weight — 50 lbs total. I did that, although admittedly, I have gained back 10 to 15 of those pounds. Pues, I tell myself that it’s all muscle. Ja! Ja!

    Last year I set out to run my first half marathon. Did that. This year I plan to run my first full marathon in May. We’ll see how I do. Buena suerte, Carla! You can do it, but set realistic goals. 🙂

  2. I LOVE your list. Especially sending out cards. I didn’t send out holiday cards either. Why do we need a holiday to send a card?

    And I really need to declutter my social media also. A tedious but necessary task…

  3. Girlfriend… somos cubanas! I’ve got the same mental list, minus the painting… I’m trying to get back into long distance cycling again… and definitely dancing, which I did in college… I specifically want to learn how to tango!

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