Like Dancing

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I don’t do writing prompts well. Not at all. But when Danielle LaPorte launched her Burning Questions series, I couldn’t help myeslf. It’s fun.

As I was reading her prompts, I noticed a pattern. Apparently, given the choice,

I want my life to feel like dancing. Some words, some eye candy and lots of dancing.


I want my day to feel like a sun soaked, salt water drenched lazy afternoon on the beach.

Photograph by oohprettyshiny via Etsy.

I want kissing  to feel like a quivering breath surrendered after a joyous collision.

I want my next success to feel like a Bollywood number, vibrant, exuberant, kool-aid smile beaming.

I want my body to feel the music, like waves undulating under the sky.

Photography by violetdart via Etsy.

I want smiling to feel like throwing my heart up into the air to the touch the sky.

Artwork by libertadleal via Etsy.

I want my friendships to feel like my daughter waking up in the morning and giggly whispering to her sister to escape out into the living room with her, to feel like the two of them chasing each other back and forth around the house laughing like mad.

I want my word to feel like roots digging into the earth.

Photography by KristenMakesArt via Etsy.

I want my laughter to feel breathless and gasping, side splitting and bubbly.
I want the end of the day  to feel like spooning my first born to sleep, blissful.
I want being of service & philanthropy to feel like motherhood, constant, a lesson, it’s own reward.
I want my love to feel like bleeding love.




I haven’t danced in ages but more and more something in me is aching for it. Is there something you love which captures how you want life to feel?

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  1. This is awesome, Carla! Very poetic, and visually pleasing. You’ve definitely got me thinking about what I want my own life to feel like.

  2. This is beautiful! I found your site through Danielle’s list of links.
    I do want to dance. I miss it so badly and this it is a shame I haven’t done it other than in my office by myself.
    Such a visually pleasing post.
    I hope you have a brilliant weekend.
    Much Love,

  3. “I want my word to feel like roots digging into the earth.” Loved this! So true and it is exactly how I feel. Writing captures how I want to live my life, and dancing and singing karaoke! But my book, Love Trips, captures my essence. It’s a dream come true having published my baby!

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