Things That Make You Go Hmmm

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My Google Reader is what I imagine a hoarder’s online life would be like. Blogs on design, homeschooling, cooking, interior design, positive parenting, homemaking, marketing, business, writing, culture – a big ole clusterf*ck of enjoyable reads. I don’t have a method for sorting through it all except for getting my number of unread items down to zero (it’s impossible unless I fake it and just mark everything as read…this virtual hoarder cannot do that).  Instead I read in chunks throughout my day starring pieces that really inspire or speak to me. I star all the things that make me go hmmm (all hail the 90s).

But, like the hoarders who have good intentions to one day do something with their goods, my bits of inspiration lay starred, dying and archived somehow in my reader. Finito! I’m done. So now, instead, I will share with you the things that make me go hmmm every week. On Monday, dreaded Mondays, so that they may no longer be so damn dreaded.

However, because my archived starred items are so plenty and because I have a 101 projects clawing for my attention right now, this whole gonzo week is dedicated to things that make you go hmmm.

Read. Hmmm. Do. Repeat.

If a rich, long lost uncle left me a price controlled NYC apartment, this is how it’d be furnished.

Seal and Heidi. Now Kelly Taylor and that vampire dude. Divorce blows. Or maybe we just need to stop thinking of divorce as breaking something (marriage) but rather as healing the parties involved – partners and children, especially children.

“You are not here to be significant or meaningful or even great, you are here because the pen cannot do it without you. So pick it up
and park your ass and write and write and write.” A writer’s prayer from one of the best (really, do yourself a favor, follow her).

First, “Enjoy your body. Play outside. As long as we stay active and eat good food, our bodies will find the shape that suits them.” Yes! The “the shape that suits them”! And she talks of loving butter. Need I say more? (This mom needs to talk to the self-loving butter lovers)

Because what’s the internet without a little mindless funnies?

There’s a slight chance I might have missed my calling. A $180k chance.

Karey does it again.  “did i ever tell you that my grandma used to make us pancakes in the shape of turtles or men riding bicycles or storm clouds or cars? they all looked like circles, i think, but the point was that she was trying. that was a lovely gift that i appreciate more now than i probably did then. isn’t that always the way?” To a mama, that one little quote is a religion. 

Like I needed a reason to want an iPhone. Action Hero, please.

Must read this book.

So very curious about this webinar. Because naming is truly, on occasion and sometimes always, a PIA.

The most beautiful coffee maker I’ve ever seen. Too bad I don’t drink it. (via Simple Lovely)

It must be so rewarding to be a successful female entrepreneur able to encourage and support other female dreamers and doers.

Don’t judge. Don’t ever, ever judge. Totally got teary eyed.

Dearest ballet, I miss you. Truly, madly, deeply. (via A Cup of Jo)

The music of a lover. “Lay your blouse across the chair, Let fall the flowers from your hair And kiss me with that country mouth so plain. Outside the rain is tapping on the leaves To me it sounds like they’re applauding us, The quiet love we’ve made.” Everything of his I love. I made a music board but really it’s all just Ray.

And holy S.H.*.T. this really captures the essence of WTF!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I loved the writer’s prayer. And the story about the pancakes really made me LOL. My suegra has never been able to make round pancakes. Hubby says he and his siblings always called her pancakes maps, because that’s what they looked liked. And they’d make a game out of which map they got. 🙂

  2. Love the idea! The quotes are great…got me thinking…and I have to say that the 90’s had some good music (couldn’t help myself – had to sing everytime I read things that make you go hmmmmm)

  3. Yes, I totally can relate. I had over 200 blogs on my Google Reader and then I realized it was too much to handle so then I stopped checking it. It was a hot mess!

    Love that New York Apartment down to the black and white floors- nice!

  4. I love this idea: of finding use to what you think was useless. Think of this treasure you’ve shared with us. I smiled, laughed, ached, hmmm’ed, and yes, as one who hasn’t slept through the night in weeks (and has the dark circles to prove it) I, too, am going after him with a knife! I think you’ve found a weekly meme and all of a sudden your clutter is no longer!

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