Johnson’s Baby Cares: Supporting Mothers and Babies

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“According to Save the Children , 90 percent of U.S. children live in areas at risk of natural disasters.” Imagine the percentage for children worldwide? Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes – the list of potential threats to families is endless. In times of crisis, mothers and babies require critical attention to their basic needs to survive. Johnson’s Baby Cares is a new initiative by Johnson’s Baby in partnership with Save the Children to address basic family needs in crisis situations. I’m feeling honored and very fortunate to be contributing this sponsored post to Johnson’s Baby Cares campaign to raise awareness and support for the work they’re doing to help mothers and babies thrive in crisis situations. Be sure to read after my letter for more great information about the program. Be sure to visit the Johnson’s Baby Facebook page and click on the “Giving” tab for more information.

Johnson's Baby Care Campaign


As you grow up, you’ll learn adults love to reference natural disasters they lived through. The flood of this year, the blizzard of that year, the one that nearly got us. Well, I thought I’d remind you of your first survival of a natural disaster: Hurricane Irene. You were just 2 years old and it was impossible to do anything without hearing apocalyptic warnings about weather like we’d never seen. I told you and your sister what we might expect; and I could tell by the look in your eyes you were uncertain and worried. No lights? No power? Potentially for days?

When I looked at your face shadowed with concern, I knew I had to set aside my own worries and lead you and your sister for hours, days if need be, of fun distraction. Crayons, glue, glitter, scissors, construction paper, legos, blocks, dolls, a tea party, an obstacle course, books, yoga, walking around our building with flashlights, board games, musical instruments – I pulled out all the stops. And you were happy. You had so much fun. I was reminded how sweet it is to be stranded at home with the ones you love.

Finally, when night came and our home grew darker and darker, you got scared again. Flashlights weren’t cutting it. I scurried around for an old candle and some matches. I had to get creative because your sister’s growing concern over the darkness was beginning to rub off and I had to be a source of peace and security for both of you.

I lit the candle and asked if you wanted to see the flame “dance”. You giggled and watched wide-eyed and amazed as I softly used my breath to make the flame sway. You took a turn and blew so gently and with tremendous care. You focused in the darkness and made sure to blow just enough so it almost went out and then came right back full force. You and your sister took turns. I think we did this for almost twenty minutes. It calmed you down and made you so happy.

We exhausted every play opportunity in the book and when our candle game was over, it was time for bed. I knock on wood and say a little thank you prayer because as I was tucking you into bed our power came back on. We got hit easy but the emotions were big that day. Worry, fear, concern, uncertainty. I’m grateful we were able to laugh and be silly and have a world of fun during such a terrible hurricane.

We are blessed, baby girl. Blessed with each other. Blessed with where we live. Blessed with what we have. Be grateful, always.

Ever Grateful To Be Your Mama,


It seemed natural to me to write about caring for my daughters during a natural disaster. We had access to flashlights and candles, diapers and wipes, tissues – plenty of everyday items we tend to take for granted. It’s thinking about Hurricane Irene which led me to do this sponsored post. It breaks my heart to imagine mothers worldwide suffering through times of crisis without the bare minimum to care for their babies.

So how exactly will Johnson’s Baby Cares impact mothers and babies in need? It will:

  • Donate and distribute thousands of  “Care Kits ” immediately after a disaster.
  • Provide funding for Save the Children programming, such as Family Friendly Spaces where moms and children can safely gather after a disaster to recover, play and focus on being together as a family.
  • Make training available to health workers in developing countries through the “Helping Babies Breathe” program.
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