Things That Make You Go Hmmm #4

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The things that made me go hmmm recently.
From me to you.

Seems like the simplest & most romantic of ideas. A date. On your fire escape. In the city. It makes me warm & fuzzy.

This dress.

In all it’s glory. It doesn’t scream. It proclaims. I own this.

I am tempted to scrapbox their entire childhoods.

-I am addicted to my new daily random pieces of knowledge from Now I Know. Most recently telling time in the dark with your mouth.

-I need to see more art that makes me feel like “I’ve no right words for how magnificent, strong, beautiful, melancholic, dark, and brilliant I found this exhibition, but I wish I could go again and I wish you could come with me.”. Yes, art like that.
-I Knew You’d Be Lovely is the last read-at-a-stoplight book I read. Here, the author shares some recommended reading.
-“Each time [a CEO outlines] a future that comes true, he demonstrates his own competence and reinforces trust.” Me thinks this applies to leadership in all its forms – in the household, in relationships, within ourselves. Lead well, friends.
-The topic discussed is wonderful but better yet is the intimate feeling of reading an exchange between two people, neither of which is you. Done any copying lately?
-Alanis Morissette on attachment parenting, “…most, if not all of us, want the same thing and have different ways of getting there winds up being the moral of the story.” Please read. Thank you.
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