(Another) 100 Random Things About Me

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After being away from this space what feels like forever, I thought it would be fun to reintroduce myself. I did one of these posts a long time ago and it was a nice exercise in sitting my ass down, staying put and writing. It’s a fun read for a Friday afternoon or for lazy weekend evening. I invited some fun loving, talented local bloggers to join me in sharing a little bit about themselves. You’ll find links to their posts at the end of this post. If we inspire you to share some randomness about yourself, then be sure to drop your link so we can get to know you better.

There’s a not so mini-road trip in my future and then it’s a full on swan dive into writing. Here’s to the randomness that’s makes us all up and to a beaming weekend!

  1. Given all the time and money in the world, I’d likely spend huge amounts of time reading and going to the movies.
  2. Since having kids, I haven’t been able watch a horror movie without being truly being scared beyond my wits. It used to be my favorite movie genre.
  3. At 31, I just realized Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  4. My grandfather, who gifted me with a love for movies, never really paid much attention to the rating system. Therefore, I watched plenty of movies way before my time. The Accused, anyone?
  5. The movie “Kids” was all I needed to watch to keep virginal through my teenage years.
  6. I cried during most history class documentaries.
  7. I’ve never been to Europe. It’s on the bucket list but I wouldn’t mind waiting to do it when my daughters can enjoy it with me.
  8. The only magazines I can’t get rid of are Cookie and InStyle. One because it’s not defunct, the latter just because.
  9. I love driving for long stretches at a time on a road trip.
  10. I crave silence.
  11. I’m prone to jamming out at a stop light. Really, whenever I’m driving.
  12. Go Ask Alice was the only book I had to read during high school to keep me drug free.
  13. The last movie that tore me open emotionally was The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.
  14. I got grounded for plucking my eyebrows at 13. My parents thought I was too young.
  15. I could spend days inside a good museum.
  16. Boston will always, always have my heart.
  17. New York City never fails to make me feel like a little girl in wonderland.
  18. My grandfather once took me to an opera as child. I was bored, I crawled under my coat and fell asleep.
  19. As a kid, I liked to lie down in the backseat and watch the electrical lines as they connected and disconnected.
  20. I don’t consume dairy products. For the most part – no milk, no cheese, no yogurt.
  21. I’m not a real vegan because I eat seafood. Like a vegetarian who eats seafood is a pescatarian, therefore, I’m a vegan who eats seafood would be a pegan?
  22. I’m a terrible joiner. I love meeting people but when it comes to joining organized groups of people and participating, I always fail. Commitment don’t come easy.
  23. I like to crack my knees.
  24. I have the hardest time buying a wallet because I’m so picky. Nothing ever meets my expectations, not even what I’m toting around now.
  25. My red walls have three white/gray brush strokes from almost a year ago when I said I wanted to paint the living room. The goal is now before 2013.
  26. I regularly get dressed out of laundry hampers.
  27. I once got such a horrible tan my forehead peeled and it looked like a map was forming.
  28. Cruel Intentions, Almost Famous, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Pretty Woman, The Sweetest Thing – always guaranteed to put me in a phenomenal mood.
  29. I’ve fallen in love with dark chocolate and can’t do milk chocolate anymore.
  30. Since starting to eat healthier, I can no longer eat movie theater popcorn with butter. I end up feeling like Freddie Krueger lost something in my abdomen.
  31. It’s a horrible habit but I can’t help sometimes pulling my split ends.
  32. Before children, I was quite the roller coaster loving gal. Nowadays, I get nervous on the ferris wheel.
  33. I never had morning sickness during my pregnancies.
  34. I did have “feed me now or I’ll breathe fire and spin my head like Linda Blair” sickness.
  35. No matter how rich I ever am, I could never imagine having a maid. An in-home pedicurist, though, no problem.
  36. I hate spicy food.
  37. I knew I was pregnant both times because I took naps in the afternoon. I never take naps.
  38. I can’t drive a stick shift.
  39. I got a Brazilian bikini wax once. Once. It is pure torture. Makes no sense to me.
  40. My dream job today would be to be a professional interviewer. I love meeting people and drawing their story out of them.
  41. My parents were not too happy with me as a kid when I dialed the 1-800 number for Santa and racked up a hefty phone bill chatting with St. Nick.
  42. I write at an little desk I found on Craigslist that has just the right amount of character on a broken laptop with no screen. It’s one of only four Craigslist purchases I’ve made.
  43. At a red light, if I see someone suspicious, I lock my doors.
  44. I clap when a plane lands.
  45. I pray when we take off.
  46. In 4th grade, Sister Patricia told us to say a Hail Mary every time we heard an ambulance or emergency vehicle go by. I kinda still do it subconsciously.
  47. Until 5 years ago, my right hand ring finger had a triangular shape from holding my pencil on it for so many years. I didn’t even know it could go back to it’s fuller figure.
  48. In college, if I had class in a particular building, in one specific room, I’d fall asleep no matter what was going on.
  49. My grandfather pierced my ears in the hospital when I was an infant.
  50. My biggest wish for my daughters, aside from hoping they know themselves well, is that they make good friends.

I’m a hoax, folks. I started with intentions of making it to 100 but with a road trip waiting tomorrow morning, it’s 50 you get. I’ll get back to it tomorrow night. Now go visit some of Rhode Island’s brightest and bestest women online. Enjoy!

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  1. I love your list – I feel like I could comment on every item 🙂 What a fun idea, its a great way to see how someone’s brain works and its a great exercise in free writing and brain storming.

    I used to be a roller coaster girl too, but now that I’ve had kids I get motion sickness on the carousel, its ridiculous!!
    Liz {Learning to Juggle}´s last blog post ..100 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know`

  2. This was GREAT to read. We have so much in common!!! I am cracking up about you calling Santa–that’s something I would have totally done, too. I’m so glad to have read this and now to know more about you.

  3. LOVE your list carla! put up that other 50, i can’t wait to read it! <3 cruel intentions too and am famous for locking mt doors at lights lol

  4. I felt the same way about the movie Kids!! It freaked me out. Funny what gets through to you. I also have solidified my love for dark chocolate and don’t like milk anymore…except chocolate chips from the freezer. Maybe it’s becausethey are bittersweet. 🙂 It took me 2sittings to get to 100 things! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kameron´s last blog post ..100 Random Things about me

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