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Hi there. It’s been relatively quiet around these parts while life offline has been wonderfully hectic. I’m working with Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business along with ten amazing women developing a report on advancing women in the workplace. Our final product will be delivered to the White House, folks. Yep. THE WHITE HOUSE! I am honored and humbled to be a part of such a project. Beyond The White House, it will also be delivered to key corporate leaders and circulated throughout the media. I’m excited beyond belief. It’s nothing like writing a blog post so the process has been interesting – remembering how to do proper research and cite sources and write something informatively persuasive – yes, it has been like being in school all over again.

That said, this space is on pause for just a couple weeks more, perhaps less. Thank you for sticking around while I flex these non-blogging writing muscles, they were rusty. If I can, I’ll share the report here when all is said and done. Once the report is done, I’m diving into a little site revamp. it’s kind of, sort of underway. I’ll be back shortly with plenty to say and a brand new sparkly site.

Happy Autumn!

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