Summer Memories

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Rhody Bloggers are linking up honoring and celebrating the beautiful beaches of Rhode Island. We’re each sharing a cherished memory of an Ocean State beach. You’ll find links to a wonderful collection of beach memories at the end of this post.

Rhode Island didn’t sweep me off my feet when I first moved here. I found little gems here and there which won me over little by little; but it took a long while for this city girl to find her rhythm in the Ocean State. It wasn’t until I discovered the beaches here that I fell helplessly in love with this state.

Now our summers have a natural rhythm where one to two days a week are spent at the beach, at “our” beach. It’s a tiny little stretch of sand nestled behind the U.R.I. Bay Campus. No amenities, just sand and ocean. No waves, just gently undulating waters and a horizon colored by sailboats and bridges. The same families are there when we go, the same sand toys, same  boogie boards, same kids with hot dogs on string hoping to catch crabs. Time stops there for us. One minute we’re claiming our stretch of real state near the good building sand, mouths watering for lunch, and the next we’re thinking about what to get for dinner on the drive back. I pray to the heavens this stretch of land still exists a lifetime from now when my children have children. It’s perfection.

What’s best is from where I live I can get to our (any of them, really) beach in about twenty minutes. And in the summer, when tired little bodies under a scorching sun can’t seem to find their groove for the day or when a tired mama under a scorching sun can’t seem to find her groove for the day, I can load everyone up into the car and drive to the beach. Just like that our day is transformed.

I love the beach but more than anything I love the ritual of it. Sunscreening up in the kitchen, stopping for strawberries at the market, the ice cream shop on the way back, little kids from last summer who remember us, the hermit crabs and sea creatures my girls so nonchalantly pick from the sea, piling into the tub to discover more sand than I’d imagined and my girls falling asleep as their heads hit the pillow from pure, joyous exhaustion. The beach, she never fails us in delivering a perfect day.

This beach is our little corner of the world where we can disappear. But it is just one of so very many here. Rhode Island’s gift to its residents is a front row seat to the sea. So many people elsewhere have to travel hours or plan a vacation to go to the beach. We’re spoiled by it in our own backyard. We found our own private paradise, right here at home. Have you?

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our shoreline. There are a multitude of ways you can help. Click here to connect to Serve Rhode Island which is coordinating efforts to help the families affected by Sandy. And let’s not forget the value of shopping local. As businesses rebuild and reopen, don’t forget to funnel your money back into the communities you love.

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  1. Carla, great post! That beach sounds amazing…I’ve never been there but will have to try it this summer. I adore going to Narragansett beach, but this one sounds like it would be better for taking my little ones.
    Megan´s last blog post ..Rhode Island Beach Memories

  2. I’ve lived here all of my life and still don’t take full advantage of all of the beaches here. We only made a few beach trips this summer and that makes me sad.

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