Listen To Your Mother Comes To Providence

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It’s so insanely easy to get lost online. You read a blog, you click a link, you read a comment, you click the commenter’s name, you read their blog, they link to a video and suddenly you’re a dozen sites deep and forgot why you’re even wasting time on the web. This carefree navigation, though, is the web’s beauty and also how I find a lot of the really fascinating content I go back to again and again.

This is how I found Listen To Your Mother. When I came upon the site, there was an immediate, “Holy shit! Yes! Yes! Yes!” moment.

From the Listen To Your Mother “About” page
“The mission of each LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER production is to take the audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates and validates mothering through giving voice to motherhood–in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor.”

It felt like someone went through the filing cabinet of ideas in my head and put together a mess of different projects I’d tossed around theoretically and put together this beautiful piece of art. Motherhood, storytelling, community, charity, performance, orchestrating, gathering – so many of the things I adore and my spirit yearns for.

Needless to say, I applied to bring the show to Providence this spring. And guess what? It’s coming! This Mother’s Day season, Listen To Your Mother is coming to Providence, Rhode Island!

For the first time ever, I will be co-directing and co-producing a show with Laura Rossi, another Rhody mama with passion for motherhood and community. This is an enormous undertaking – securing a space, finding the right sponsors, auditioning talent, rehearsing, directing, the whole nine yards. The enormity of the task ahead is nothing, I am sure, compared to the reward awaiting us at the finish line.

I’m going to take you along for the journey.  So check back often as I share our social media feeds, our local site, official bios for yours truly and my co-director/co-producer and so much more. We’re going into deep planning mode for a few months while we organize the logistics. If what this show stands for speaks to you, then you can do 3 things.

1. Check back often here on the blog, Twitter or Facebook. I’ll post updates as they come. There will be plenty!
2. Spread the word! Share this post or your favorite video from the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel and let everyone know it’s coming!
3. Auditions will take place late winter 2013 so if you think you want to audition start thinking about what you want to share with us! Men, women, children are all welcome to audition. Get those gears turning and get ready to audition in 2013!

I’ll leave you with a little sampling of what we’re hoping to create. Tears, laughter and sharing wisdom.

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  1. This is fabulous! Makes me want to come back home to RI for mothers day except I’m doing the Boulder, CO show! I want to connect with you at some point- I have a lot of friends and family in RI- I’d be more than happy to make introductions if you need anything!!

  2. Hi Carla! It is funny to mentioned the carefree navigation because that’s how I ended up here. I think we’ve cross paths on Twitter but this is first time I visit your blog and I am thankful because I just learned Listen to Your Mother is coming to my area. So, thanks a lot! I will definitely be back here. 🙂
    MamiCool´s last blog post ..Gracias a la Vida

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