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LTYM-logoTomorrow are the official Listen To Your Mother: Providence auditions. I’m not even sure I can convey to you how electrified I am right now. When I first signed on to bring the show to Rhode Island, I knew this would be an experience unlike any other. I was prepared for the behind the scenes work of bringing the show to the stage to be eye opening and challenging. Indeed, they’ve proven to be both those things and incredibly rewarding as well.

What I didn’t anticipate was the intimacy and intense responsibility of having a person bare their soul to you. Let me explain.

Last night, Laura (kick ass public relations maven and my co-producer/co-director) and I, held our first audition via Google Hangout. At precisely 9:35pm, me, Laura, and our brave reader sat facing each other on our computer screens. We introduced ourselves, said our hellos and gave the stage to our first audition of the season. What took almost five minutes felt like a split second and then we bid her farewell.

I was floored because in listening to this woman, in watching her I knew I was watching myself. A mom whose had a harried day, personal needs met and unmet, dinner on the table, children chased and loved and put to bed, to do lists checked off and growing, a family to hold to together. And here she was, late in the night, stealing away a minute for herself to share the words in her heart with two total strangers simply because she believes, like we do, so much in motherhood.

I had to stop myself from thinking all that she put into that moment – 9pm, close to bedtime, sneaking away to put on a nice top and do her hair and get camera ready, maybe crouching herself into a corner of the house where sleeping children won’t hear her voice. She snuck in a moment for herself to honor her dreams and to honor all mothers with her story.

I am so humbled and honored that so many amazing writers are trusting us with their stories over the next few days. I’m left without words knowing that many of these people have never shared their story with anyone else. So I am off to bed, with an open heart and open arms for the beauty that tomorrow holds.


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