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If you’re arrived here via Scary Mommy today you’ve been kind enough to read my guest post there today on the power of rituals in a family’s life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I started blogging 6 years ago as many mothers do – as a brain dump to all the ideas, emotions, and confusion of early motherhood. It has evolved since into so much more. What started as a place to essentially talk to myself has turned into the pursuit of childhood dreams to write for a living. Having Jill feature me today is a small success on that journey. So trulymadlydeeply, thank you for giving my words on her blog some eyeballs!


The basics – Carla, Jersey girl, book/blog/article/magazine/I’ll-read-anythingworm, movie addict, musically still living in the 80s/90s, kinda crunchy, ocean craver, winter averse, lover of sweaters, Dirty Dancing groupie, woo-woo believer in all things energyspiritvibe-y, somewhat introverted ENFP.


I write here at All of Me Now kinda, sorta regularly which means I regularly post randomly. I write about mamahood, womanhood and this writing bug I’ve got. Sometimes the fever strikes me and I bust out with several posts in a week, other times it’s slow moving. I post when the inspiration strikes because once I hit publish it’s there forever and if I keel over and the last thing I write EVER is out there in the world forEVER then I want it to be meaningful and not just a filler. So, stop by, it’ll be my best effort. I write about mamahood, womanhood, and this writing bug I’ve got. I’m also a Huffington Post parent blogger where, like here, I only post when my heart’s all in.

For a tasty taste of my writing, click here, here, here and here for a few favorites. 


I met Jill for the first time while she was on tour for her first book. She floored me with her amazing curls (ringlets, people, grown-woman-no-frizz-bouncy-goddamn ringlets), honesty and willingness to share so much with a group of strangers. I left that encounter inspired to take my writing to the next level. Jill was gracious enough to share her personal journey from blogger to published author and it was the kind of hard work true story I needed to keep on keeping on. This summer I got to meet up with Jill again while she was in my neck of the woods. She shot the shit with myself and a small group of bloggers over coffee. Another no bullshit, inspiring chat about writing and blogging. Lady knows her shizzle. All this to say, keep reading Scary Mommy. She’s sincere in everything she does – real, all in, no bull. 

Gracias, people of the internet, for visiting my humble abode. You’re always welcome here.

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  1. You are a beautiful writer and thinker – not to mention a great mom. I love your work. I too, started writing for myself and now have transferred them into a blog. My goal is to encourage women in the second half of their life to live it with spirit, sass and style.

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