A Love Letter To Creativity

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Dear Creativity,

Thank you
for being a constant and loyal visitor.
Too often I’ve told you
“not now,”
“there isn’t any time.”
But you are patient and persistent.

Continue to ignore me;
you know my dreams better than I do.

I’m a fickle lover these days.
I’m still learning to love us.

I know
idle hands are your kryptonite;
perfection your enemy.
I’m working to stay far away from these.

I know
creating is your love language.
I will make and do and be.
I will make a practice out of loving you.
My life will be an act of love for you,
for me.

Out of thin air,
we will create something that has never been.

that’s what this love is.
That’s what we are together.

Let’s play.

Always stubborn but working on it,

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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