Election Eve

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Tomorrow I will bring my daughters with me to vote for the first female president of the United States. Then we’ll make our way around town trying to avoid anything election related. Because who needs that stress all day long? I’ll reserve the nail biting and pacing for after bedtime.

Tonight is ours. We’re going to talk politics. I’m going to show them the ballot. We’re going to look at all the candidates at the state and local level. We’ll look at the issues and what they mean. We’ll talk about the Supreme Court and why who wins matters.  I’m going to tell my girls that a woman like me wasn’t always allowed to vote up until very recently, 1965 to be precise. I want them to walk into our polling place with fierce gratitude and entitled to have a voice, knowing why so many people feel so passionately about this election.

They will probably school me a bit on the election as well. Both have been up to their eyeballs in learning about our government. Hillary already won by a landslide in their classrooms today. They are optimistic. I can see in their faces how this election is very much a girl power moment. They were with her before I was with her.

We don’t own any pantsuits, so we may or may not be making our own Hillary shirts while watching Gilmore Girls. They’re encouraging me to make them “nasty” tees. I’m on the fence.

Tomorrow is another story. Tomorrow will be one for the history books. I’m not sure how we’ll fill our hours but I know years from know we’ll remember everything we did.

How will you spend your night this election eve? How will you pass the hours tomorrow?

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