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Today I am grateful for the young girl at the register at CVS who looked at my purchase and let me know which lice treatment worked for her a few years ago.

Today I am grateful to the mom in line behind me who chimed in and let me know her daughter had lice the year before.

Today I’m grateful for the coach who, in response to my email about not making it to the game, let me know his family dealt with lice last year.

Today I’m grateful for my dear friend who told me both her boys had it this summer.

As you can tell, today brought a creepy, crawly surprise. I was freaked the fuck out. Expletives are necessary when dealing with lice, ok? Immediately I felt shame because I had internalized this narrative that lice plagues kids with poor hygiene. I came across so many wonderful people who made me feel less alone and let me focus on getting the job done (combing and combing and combing, stripping beds, collecting laundry and stuffed animals, visiting the local laundromat).

So thank you, to every last person who spoke up today and made me feel a little less alone.

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  1. Omg the worst!!!!! And of course you automatically feel dirty and icky. Helped someone with it last year, and have had a few close scares at our house. I hope it is quick and not miserable for you guys!!!! ((Hugs))

    1. You are an amazing friend to help out with lice! And yes, crossing fingers and toes for it to be quick and painless!

  2. Sometimes a simple “me, too” can be so powerful. I’m so glad you found people to help you not feel alone and to give you the strength to take care of business.

  3. WE ALL HAD LICE. I mean my daughter, my son, and ME. Not my husband. But wow did it suck and yes it was gross. But we’re fine, and I have never forgotten that the like CLEAN hair .. keep that in mind!!! xoxo

    1. Yes! I have plans already to send them to school with all manner of hair products. They might look like something out of the 80s with all the hair spray I want to put in their hair!

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