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I started blogging in 2007 shortly after my daughter was born. I was brimming with joy and overwhelm as a new mother. I wanted to talk about her all the time and explore this evolution I was undergoing from being solely concerned with my own existence to someone who brought forth life and cared for it. Sitting at home during middle of the night feedings, writing by the light of my laptop screen felt worthwhile. It felt therapeutic. The idea wasn’t my own. I had found other women with children who were blogging. They were telling everyday stories of struggling, surviving, and miraculous thriving despite being sleep deprived and feeling zombie-like. They were also consumed with complete awe like I was. A drunken kind of wonder that makes you marvel at every turn, that you want to share all the time but that you’re protective of. They made me feel less alone. I didn’t know if they wrote to be read or just to hear themselves but I gave it a whirl.

A few of the bloggers I fell in love with all those years ago, are urging bloggers to breathe life back into their online spaces. This post and this one specifically spoke to me. Somewhere along the line a lot of us got tired of writing (for some it had become more work than fun). For me, life got really complicated. Or maybe I was trying to uncomplicate it by removing things from my plate. Blogging went and with it an avenue for self-reflection and community I’m sorely missing these days.

I’m tired of connecting only on social platforms I don’t trust completely (Facebook, I’m looking at you). Plus, I’m desperate for deeper connection that gives me hope in the face of what feels like the end of the world. So like these bloggers I adored so much and read regularly years ago, I’m going to jump back into blogging. I didn’t start off with any goals before. I just wanted to capture how I felt at the time. Now, though, I feel much more compelled to keep in mind why I’m writing again – for regular self-reflection because I’m firm in my belief that knowing oneself is the most valuable work anyone can do, to get vulnerable because that’s the beacon that draws your people to you, and to put something out into the interwebs that doesn’t divide.

Consumer or creator, I hope you’ll connect with some of the writing here or at another #NetPositiveBlog. We need to see each other’s humanity now more than ever.

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    1. I’m excited to discover new blogs. It reminds me of my early days online finding new voices and getting excited when they posted a new post.

    1. I hadn’t ever stopped to think what a force blogging was in changing the landscape. I still follow so many of my favorite writers, you included, and I’m so grateful the internet brought them all to my doorstep.

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