Hi! I’m Carla, Jersey girl gone New England.

As a young girl, while other kids collected Barbies or stamps, I amassed piles and piles of journals. I filled them with a diary of my days, made up stories, visions of my future self, poetry on matters I knew everything and nothing about. All that scribbling words onto paper helped me make sense out of life. Maybe even let me write things into my life.

Writing always has been, always will be my kind of meditating. This blog is one giant, Buddha belly exhale. While I spend my days pouring my love into mothering my daughters, here I abandon myself to writing. This space is for me, who so easily gets lost in the routines and rituals of motherhood, a testament of who I am and who I want to be. It’s for them, my little women, who inhabit my every move – a declaration of the woman I want them to witness.

You’ll find me writing here about the things most important to me – love and curiosity. Life is about love, every moment either moves us towards love or away from love. I always want to step in love’s direction. And curiosity, because I’m all about living in wonder and asking the questions.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I believe deeply in community; so I hope you’ll visit often and write along with me.

(keeping it ’90s, what can I say?)

I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Latina Magazine, and Scary Mommy.

I once did a thing. Twice. And I’m damn proud of it. LTYM alum for life.


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  1. Just found you , love your writing and looking forward to more of it, its real and funny. Isnt it lovely to get lost in your world of words….

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