Hi! I’m Carla, Jersey girl gone New England.

I support Monster Squad as a superior movie to Goonies, Goya crackers with cream cheese as a complete breakfast, and Gilmore Girls as therapy.

I stand alongside anyone who believes in the magic of Teen Witch.

My low key super power is the ability to connect people. I might forget your name but I’ll remember your dreams and find at least one person who can help you make them a reality.

As a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer because of Claire Huxtable. I thought it was because she was so cool but also…maybe she was the only successful brown woman I saw on TV. Either way, I did not become a lawyer.

My non-denominational prayer for the world –
Be kind.
Don’t judge.
Start with yourself.
Top That.

I write here about single motherhood, raising daughters, and my life long obsession with storytelling in all its forms. I have my sights set on adding freelance writer and published author to my resume in the near future. I hope you’ll visit often and feel some kind of way about what you read here.

(keeping it ’90s, what can I say?)

I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Latina Magazine, and Scary Mommy.

I once did a thing. Twice. And I’m damn proud of it. LTYM alum for life.



  1. Just found you , love your writing and looking forward to more of it, its real and funny. Isnt it lovely to get lost in your world of words….

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