The Brutal Year

I’m cleaning things up around the blog. Tightrope walking between writing more or hanging up the gone for good sign. I can’t decide. Then I start reading what I’ve written and it makes me smile enough to myself, I remember its place in my heart. Anyhow, this post has been sitting in drafts for a …

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I started blogging in 2007 shortly after my daughter was born. I was brimming with joy and overwhelm as a new mother. I wanted to talk about her all the time and explore this evolution I was undergoing from being solely concerned with my own existence to someone who brought forth life and cared for …

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Spring Break Foxwoods Style

Last night my girls and I had the pleasure of enjoying our second Cirque Eloize show, Cirkopolis*, at Foxwoods. There is nothing quite so awe-inducing as the acrobatic magic of the Cirque performers. My two girls and I may have sat through the entire show wide eyed and breath held. We all walked out of …

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