I want to honor every creative whisper that lingers. My genius, as Elizabeth Gilbert puts it, is a busy bee. I suffer from idea-itis. Every so often an idea will lovingly nag me enough to go from idea to project. Here’s a running list of things I’m working on or hoping to work on. If any of them peak your interest and you want to join magical forces, email me at

:::The Sibling (Sister?) Project:::
What does an only child do when presented with the task of raising siblings? Call on the experts.

:::Daily Reads (Consumption Junction)?:::
A writer is a reader is a lover of words is a lover of thoughts and ideas. Discovering what great folks are reading (consuming?) everyday.

:::The Rituals, Rhythms and Words of Magical Motherhood:::
Because moms make magic everyday.

:::Mom Before Mom:::
Exploring the women we were before motherhood sprayed us with the fairy dust that made us forget.

:::Check back often. Ideas are always plenty in this neck of the woods.:::

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