I want to honor every creative whisper that lingers. My genius, as Elizabeth Gilbert puts it, is a busy bee. I suffer from idea-itis. Every so often an idea will lovingly nag me enough to go from idea to project. Here’s a running list of things I’m working on or hoping to work on. If any of them peak your interest and you want to join magical forces holla at cha’ girl.

Current Rotation
Where I indulge all my bookworm tendencies with an emphasis on kidlit.

:::Consumption Junction:::
Discoverwhat inspiring folks are reading/consuming on a regular basis.

:::The Jukebox:::
Music obsessed friends share the songs and artists that should be required listening for all kids.

:::Sister, Sister:::
Calling on the experts to help this only child raise sisters.

:::Magical Motherhood:::
The tiny, ordinary things moms do to make childhood magical.

:::Mom Before Mom:::
Exploring the women we were before motherhood made us forget.

:::How The Mommy Wars Was Won:::
This one never quite made it off the ground but I really love the concept. Maybe some day she’ll come back.

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